2 thoughts on “How Often?

  1. Really really (verily verily) enjoyed your insight. My son Stuart and I joined AA last year down here in Thomasville GA to heighten the “higher power” of Bob’s twelve steps from conception of unknown “higher power” to person of Jesus….highly frowned upon, of course. The gentleness of your presentation of unthinkable forgiveness, its parameters, and the song to which I listened (was easy to get to it ) really struck me and encouraged simple outreach to folk that understand forgiveness, or at least have a down payment. BUT what a joy to know perfect forgiveness and peace, and where it comes from. Self pity is the scourge of the devil and Stuart wants to show those that think they have seen the bottom that the end stage of MS can be joy and peace in Christ. We get up to Atlanta next spring and would like to swing by. With the tie that binds, Charlie Jackson

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